Introducing: Weekly Reading Roundup

I was reading this blog: and the author gives number three of the best blogging practices: “Include links.” We read stuff as well as write stuff, and here is some of what we read. A different author will trade off providing these links every week. We present the inaugural edition of Weekly Reading Roundup.

Frank J. Fleming compares a Democratic win and a Republican win in this November’s elections to the annoyance of a zombie apocalypse and a barking dog, respectively. Take it as you will.

This from the Foreign Policy Magazine website: Why church and state do not mix. A lesson from the Islamic Republic of Iran.


An article from Foreign Policy Magazine on the recent attack on a Catholic church in Iraq and its possible implications for the Christian community in that country.

By Allen Yeh from the Torrey Honors Institute: Racial reconciliation in South Africa and lessons for racial reconciliation in the US.


From Lindsay Johns at Prospect Magazine: why it is important for everyone to read “dead white men.” Link initially posted on

Intellectual Hide and Seek Taught in Schools: Students are taught to give the answers at the expense of learning to think well.

Interesting Stuff

Book bindings from way back when they were interesting.

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