Weekly Reading Roundup: Polar Bears, Water Balloons and Eliezar

This week, we get to take a look at lots of interesting topics, ranging from environmentalism to forgotten stories from the Bible.


Andrew Farris provides an interview with Fred Sanders, who is a blogger with Scriptorium Daily, as well as a professor at the Torrey Honors Institute.  Very interesting stuff.



This first post raises some interesting questions about the gap between our Church lives and our day-to-day lives.  I certainly think there is much to learn there.  The site itself is sort of a satire/criticism of Christianity (written by a Christian), which is worth reading, especially if you are a Christian.  It provides some good insight into the way we are viewed, as well as how we present ourselves:


This post comes from The Christian Manifesto, which is a site primarily focused on reviewing media from a Christian perspective.  There is also a portion of the site devoted to blogging, be that in areas of culture or theology.  This particular post caught my eye a few weeks back when it was posted, and I thought it would be worth sharing here:


This is a short post from a blog that my pastor is a part of (though he didn’t write this post).  It’s a simple little thought about anger, but it seemed like a good reminder that many of us need.



John Mark Reynolds, of the Torrey Honors Institue, offers his thoughts on the way Christians should interact with environmentalism.



This first post is from Lifehacker, which is definitely worth checking out.  The goal of the site is to offer ways that we can make ourselves more efficient, be that through computer tweaks or just tweaks to our environment.  This post concerns how to survive the winter months (not very applicable to those of us in southern California):


And, finally, some cool pictures of water balloons that are bursting:


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