Weekly Reading Roundup: Before Thanksgiving

This week’s reading roundup. Some silly, some serious, all listed here.

On Manliness

A Manvotional on Art of Manliness about Robert E. Lee getting up for an old lady on a train. A famous man never ceases to be a man, and Lee remembered this.

On Christian Thinking

This from Credo House Ministries’ blog Parchment and Pen. Sometimes beliefs are awkward to explain, but should they really go into a steamer trunk and get shoved under the bed?

This also from the Credo House Ministries blog. You don’t have to walk on eggshells, but could you keep off the grass?

On Spiritual Gifts

From Conversant Life. Spiritual gifts or callings to specific spiritual offices? My favorite part was the bit about “those wacky spiritual gifts tests”.

From Conversant Life. An interesting way to look at spiritual giftings and callings. Perhaps too much centralization of ministry?


Ideas and information about the media. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, Twitter, YouTube videos–this site talks about them all.

Stuff Going On in the World

This from Foreign Policy Magazine. There is an old Vulcan proverb: Only Nixon could go to China. What about Iran?

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