Weekly Reading Roundup: Beginning of December

It is the Christmas season! Season, of course, in this case refers to a period of time rather than an arbitrary quarter of the solar year typified by certain weather patterns. Truly, axial tilt is the reason for that season. This week’s reading roundup includes some Christmas stuff and some of the usual bit of everything else.


Is it okay for Christians to play Santa Claus? Does it detract from the birth of Christ? According to one informed opinion, “Naaaaaaaaah.”

Materialism and excessive gifts at Christmas: thoughts on how to deal with it.

Christmas really is a season to rejoice over Christ’s victory over sin and death. Christmas reminds us why we have hope at all and tells us the basis for our optimism.

Argumentation, Rationality, Apologetics

The truth of your own assertions does not reduce the dignity of your partners in conversation!

Social Justice

A little girl dies in a police raid in Detroit while a reality television crew is filming. What’s wrong with this picture? The frame? The canvas? The paint? The artist? The rich man who commissioned it? Well, the answer is yes.


If you publish more secrets, secret things will hide deeper. Decide what you will about Wikileaks–it’s having an impact!

Calling and Passion

Is it more noble to aspire to sit in Oxford libraries or to blast off in a rocket ship?

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