Weekly Reading Roundup: Lots of Stuff Happening!

Lots of stuff has happened in the news lately!

I pray God that Rep. Giffords will come out of the hospital to assume her position in Congress once again. For Mr. Salmaan Taseer, it is too late, and what happened to him was an indicator of worse things. His assassin was not crazy, and the assassin was a member of his own security detail. There were crowds demonstrating in support of him.

Good balance between the need to confess Christ as Lord and his power to save. If I am saved by grace only after I have done my best, I am damned. I never give my best to God, and that is only one sin!

Good resource on the differences between some heresies and branches of Christianity. This is definitely in favor of Calvinism/Reformed thinking.

Open letter thanking Muslim leader for standing up for Christians in the midst of attacks against the Coptic community in Egypt.

Watch what you say in politics! There is not much to say beyond “be careful,” but it must be said.

The US is a HUGE arms exporter. Relative badness is a thing to take into consideration. Let not the pot and the kettle dispute the hue!

This speaks for itself. (This news service is rather good.)

Politics? Two can play that game. No one likes to be criticized. In the aftermath of the shooting of Rep. Giffords in Tucson, some are calling for tamer political discourse. Would that really help?

The shooting of Rep. Giffords was a tragedy, to be sure, but we have to maintain perspective.

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