By Way of Introduction: Presenting Fernando

And now, a word from fernando, to brighten your day and keep you safe.

It’s rather exciting to be seeing Push of Pikes growing. The admins are friends of mine from college, and I watched the blog get started. Now that I’m posting on it myself, I’m honored to be part of this expansion. Like James and Nathan, I’m a member of the Torrey Honors Institute. The years I spent there shaped me, I am convinced, for the better. Torrey made a huge impact on my life, one that continues. That impact is part of why I’m here, posting on Push of Pikes, after a particular post on my own blog was linked here. Though all of the authors here have our differences, we share the same commitment to Goodness and the Truth.

For me, that means having walked the Canterbury Road, and worshiping God as part of the Worldwide Anglican Communion, according to the forms in the Book of Common Prayer. I try to live my life sacramentally, both in community and in private meditations. In my studies, I have focused on literature and poetics, and grammar. Thus, my role here on the blog will mostly be editorial — a role I will thankfully share with the Beautiful and talented Miss Stevans, who will be introducing herself soon enough. However, posts from me will probably not be uncommon, and when you see them you can expect them to have a bookish nature.

Otherwise, you can find my other posts on things that interest me and me alone — science fiction, literary criticism, games, comic books, Milton and Plato — at my own site, A Diversity of Lions. Either here, or there, I look forward to sharing thoughts with you, dear Reader.


  1. Welcome to the team. We are all glad to have you aboard. I was tempted to fill this comment with typos and see if your editing instincts would kick in, but I am not sure that you can edit my comments. If you can…edit this? That’d be funny.

    Anyways, glad to have you aboard.

    • I can in fact edit comments. This seems a dangerous power, able to fill the world with all sorts of falsehood.

  2. I trust that you will not abuse your powers.

    • Stephen Hale
    • February 21st, 2011

    You know, Nathan, you can’t use asterisks to highlight a word. No se permita, good sir!

    Sorry, all this talk about editing lately got me worked up…


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