Thursday Links

It’s been some time since we did our Weekly Reading Round-up. Here’s what the writers here at Push of Pikes have been reading around the internet.

Over at Ex Animus, blogger Kevin Greenlee takes a personal look at the Nicene Creed, interestingly deciding to include Wittgenstein.

Our own Fernando Rojas takes a brief moment to blog on the beginning of Lent, the brevity of the post demonstrating his point quite well.

Scriptorium Daily has a particularly good piece about Lent and Moderation, written by Dr. John Mark Reynolds.

Conversant Life’s discussion about the term ‘Biblical‘ is one that was not only applicable, but perhaps hits me (as a seminary student) closer to home than others. While the article does not offer much of a solution, it does present a clear critique of our over-use of the term.

To shift away from the theological, The New York Times recently wrote about the unique dynamic of the White House being both a museum and a working house.

The blogosphere has been exploding in the last week or two with controversy surrounding Rob Bell. While it seems wise to withhold judgment until at least the book in question comes out, there are certainly things we can learn from what is going on. Matt Anderson, who runs Mere Orthodoxy, has some good thoughts on what we should be taking away from this controversy at this point.

Christian Manifesto just launched a sister site, Cogito|Credo. C. E. Moore offers a thought-provoking little meditation on Heaven. With the controversy on Rob Bell and the afterlife focusing so much on sin and judgment, it’s a nice thing to end a week’s thought on.

And if you are looking for something to brighten your day, and have seen the movie Up, then this video is worth a look.


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