Thursday Links: Maps and Images

Has it been a week already? Welcome back to our usual little trek around the internet.

We linked to Calvin Moore’s post on racism last time, and so it feels right to link to the second part of it.

Retouching on the idea of the “historic present,” here are two maps.

This first one shows a picture representation of violence across the globe throughout history, going back centuries.

Closer to home, Forbes has ranked American cities according to the Seven Deadly Sins, based on murders, thefts, condom sales, and so on.

On the other side of the sinful and profane, Fred Sanders has important news: the entire G. Campbell Morgan Theology Conference is on YouTube. The Morgan conference is fantastic, and since few attend, I can’t recommend the video series enough.

And, on a slightly lighter (though no less important) note, Austin Kleon gives the insightful essay “How to Steal Like an Artist.” Worth a read, for sure.

So, until next week, be blessed.

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