The Encouragement of Baptism

Yesterday morning, as I went to church, I expected the service to be similar to the previous weeks. In many ways, it was indistinguishable. The service opened with worship through song, had a time of offering, and then someone preached a sermon. What made this week different was that right after the service, a number of people volunteered to be baptized.

I was unaware of this before showing up, and even though I only knew of one of the people (and him only barely) getting baptized, it was an incredibly encouraging experience. It is this sort of experience that, in part, continues to persuade me to attend a church regularly. The way that the whole event occurred was a joy to behold; laughter, happiness, and many times did the people exclaim “Amen!” There was beauty in the range of people who were baptized. Some were young in years and some old, some had been Christians for years and one man had been converted just last December. It was encouraging to see these believers proclaim before all that they are devoted to their belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. This belief brought them to obedience in the commandment to be baptized, and they acted in a way that God has prescribed as a means of grace.

All in all, a fantastic Sunday.

Christ Abide.

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