Thursday Links: Preparing for Holy Week

Lent is almost over. Things are, hopefully, quieting down, and the world takes a final gasp before the plunge into Passion.

Over at the Huffington Post, Will Bunch comments on the far-reaching consequences of one Glenn Beck. While it’s often surprising how much one man can affect the world, it’s sometimes forgettable that the commentators can have as big an impact as the politicians. It’s all related in modern government.

And speaking of government, here in the Push of Pikes team Nathan Bennett did a guest post for James’ blog, on government in education. Thoughts from either of those men are always worth reading, all the more so for them interacting.

Recently, regulations for how colleges are to deal with accusations of sexual assault have become more strict. Opinions are divided as to whether this is a positive or a negative thing, but what seems our duty is to educate ourselves, and pray for the consequences that fall upon everyone: the victims, the wrongly accused, the parents of all sides, and even the perpetrators. Christ, have mercy.

Partly in response to this, I offer Fred Clarke’s most recent post on the Left Behind series. While you may not be familiar with Clarke’s long running (and always insightful) series, really, this post is worth reading for its beautiful epilogue, which seems very appropriate for this time of year.

And, for a final word (for now) on the issues of Hell and judgment, Matthew Paul Turner was able to talk to Rob Bell recently, and posted Bell’s response.

Lastly, in this weekend on the precipice of Holy Week, Jared C. Wilson posts on the concept of Sehnsucht, or longing, and its role in our lives… along with our responses to it. The short post is worth long thought.

Until next week, be blessed.

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