Thursday Links: Evils and Responses

This week’s links have a lot to do with evil and our responses to those evils.

First, Jacob Sweeney talks about a new Katy Perry song over at Cogito Credo. His post deals with the language we have or lack for sin, especially in a world filled with satire.

ABC News has a piece about a Christian ministry called ‘Dirty Girls Come Clean,’ which focuses on providing help to Christian females who struggle with pornography and sexual sins.

One great evil out there is incredibly sloppy thinking. Kevin White talks about the reasons to go after conspiracy theories and sloppy thinking, basing it on the idea that you will at least provide opportunities for those who are not quite convinced of the conspiracy to change their position.

It also looks like one of the FCC commissioners is stepping down from her role in order to become a lobbyist for Comcast-NBC. While this, in and of itself, is not an issue, it becomes problematic when she is among those who approved the merger just a few months ago.

Last week, of course, the big topic was the death of Osama bin Laden. This week, Foreign Policy takes a look at how Christians have reacted, both in America and overseas. I posted my own thoughts shortly after the events, but it is interesting to see how people have reacted, and the article is a good look into that particular phenomenon.

And finally, on a bit lighter side, Donald Miller takes a brief look at the relationship between our personalities and our place on the liberal–conservative scale.

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