A Fairy Tale, Part 2

[Part 1]

As people began to understand that the Bubbleheads were there to stay, some of them began to react to them differently. While some still put a lot of energy into killing them wherever they could find them, others stopped killing them at all. They realized that trying to kill the Bubbleheads just spread them around and made them united. Some places, where the king became a Bubblehead, they made it a law that everyone had to be a Bubblehead.

In one country, Bubbleheads had a lot of freedom. No one killed Bubbleheads, and if they did, they went to prison. There were a lot of Bubbleheads there; in fact, many Bubbleheads had moved there because of the freedom they could have there. When these Bubbleheads got together, they noticed how their bubbles joined together. If enough Bubbleheads got together, they had giant bubbles they could walk around in and feel the air all over them, not just around their heads. They decided that they liked this and wanted it all the time. In fact, some of them decided that it was dangerous outside these big bubbles. After all, people who weren’t Bubbleheads still didn’t like Bubbleheads, even if they didn’t kill them, right? They still said bad things about the King of Everything. They lied about Him and about the Bubbleheads. It was so much nicer and safer to be inside big bubbles with lots and lots of Bubbleheads all the time.

And so the Bubbleheads in this country decided to see if they could live in giant bubbles all the time. They decided to all work together in the same places and had big bubbles there. They especially decided to send their children to Bubblehead schools, where the teachers were all Bubbleheads and where no one would tell them lies about the King of Everything or about Bubbleheads. Then the Bubblehead children went to Bubblehead universities where most everyone was a Bubblehead too, and then they got jobs with lots and lots of other Bubbleheads and lived in those bubbles.

Some Bubbleheads were born in a bubble, raised in a bubble, married in a bubble, raised their own kids in a bubble and died in a bubble. They liked this, because the air felt so good.

But the people that lived at the bottom of the sea are a forgetful people and the Bubbleheads began to forget things too.

They began to forget how it felt not to have any air to breath. They forgot that, just outside their bubbles, other people were gasping through their short, painful lives. They forgot how to be friends with people outside their bubbles, because they hadn’t had any friends that were outside their bubbles even when they were kids. They forgot how to tell people about the King of Everything and His Son that He had sent. They forgot how to tell people about the air bubbles around their heads.

They forgot that the King of Everything wanted them to tell other people about Him because He wanted more friends.

And the things that people said about the Bubbleheads came true. The Bubbleheads began to think that they were better than the people outside their bubbles, and they said so. Sometimes people tried to get close to the big bubbles to see what it was all about. Sometimes they got whiffs of the cool, relaxing air and came in and became Bubbleheads. Sometimes, though, they found that there was a wall of hot, blasting air between them and the cool air the Bubbleheads were living in.

And so the King of everything had less and less new friends in that country.

[Part 3]

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