I will gladly pay you Tuesday for some links last Thursday

Hello everyone, we have some Thursday links here for you but on Sunday and not Thursday. We have a lot of links this week challenging everything you thought you think, plus some others.

The first to challenge everything you thought you think: this from Christianity Today on the megachurch versus the house church model in America. One has big budgets and the other has practically no budget. Both have an outward focus but radically different methods. They interview a multi-campus megachurch leader and a house church network leader to demonstrate their different approaches to the same goal: bringing people to meaningfully know God.

The second bit is about a group of businesses in Mississippi getting together to build their own levee to beat back the flooding Mississippi River. The main idea here is this: if you let people have a little money and permission, they can often take care of themselves.

Then there is this from Robert Reich on the same site, saying that the rich are lending money to the US government rather than paying for it through taxes. That’s a change from history. Are we against the rich? Not necessarily, but we are against the rich manipulating government to increase their wealth. Is that happening in America? Decide for yourself.

Then there is this from TED, about filter bubbles and the isolation caused by personalized internet. We have to fight in order to connect with people who will fight with us. Dang it, show me something that is intelligently written but makes my blood boil!

This, from over at The Good Book Blog, by Bible professors over at Biola: watch it on avoiding “even the appearance of evil!” Don’t fall for that old moralistic trap!

This, from over at Clayfire Curator, about how worship and belief go together but lack of belief does not limit one’s ability to worship. The object of worship is always the important thing, not the abilities of the subject of worship.

Again we return to our good friends over at Foreign Policy, and we find that hooking chiefs in Africa up to broadband internet will not necessarily boost GDPs in that part of the world. High tech is great, but low tech solutions are often the thing they need.

While we are at Foreign Policy, here is a bit about Afghanistan: years of war have left an indelible psychological mark on the country. Peace and reconciliation do not come by guns and diplomacy alone.

A last bit from Foreign Policy: the crazies in the Republican Party have revealed themselves early and their campaigns have pooped out. Maybe they will field a sane candidate for 2012 who does not want a Christian theocracy in America or treat China like a monolithic threat. (Cold War’s over, remember? Multipolar world.)

This from the Parchment and Pen blog: how much “defense” of Christianity is too much? If we (in our own minds) disarm all of our intellectual opponents, we are going to have rather bad conversations with intelligent people.

This from Slate. Crazy ideas may fall apart all the time, but when one works, ooooooooh boy, all the crazy ideas were worth it. Make a little room for crazy.

Have a good week.

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