A Fairy Tale, Part 3

[Part 1, Part 2]

And the Bubbleheads started to forget what it was that made them Bubbleheads in the first place. They forgot that “Bubblehead” just meant that you were friends with the King of Everything and His Son. Some of them started making rules for how Bubbleheads should act, and they cared more about that than about being friends with the King of Everything and His Son. Others decided that being a Bubblehead was all about the experience of air all around you and cared more about the experience of the air than about the King of Everything and His Son. Some people decided to live in the bubbles without becoming friends with the King of Everything and His Son. They fit in because they followed the rules and they enjoyed the air.

And some of the Bubblehead’s kids didn’t became friends with the King of Everything and His Son, but lived in the bubbles anyway, because they were nice and safe and because they knew the rules to follow to make everyone think that they were Bubbleheads, but most of all because, when they were inside the bubbles, no one could tell whether they would have air around their heads if they left the big bubble.

But a sad thing began to happen. Slowly, the bubbles the Bubbleheads lived in began to change. The hot air that they used to keep others out began to mix with the cool air they lived in. The people who weren’t Bubbleheads that lived in the bubbles brought in the sea water. The hot air and the sea water mixed and frothed and became a hot, salty foam that began to choke the people in the bubbles.

This happened so slowly that the people in the bubbles didn’t notice it happening, but the people outside the bubble did. When they came to see what the bubbles were about, they stopped wanting to go in and become Bubbleheads. When they got a whiff of the air in the bubbles, they recoiled in disgust at the hot, salty froth inside.

And slowly, slowly the people inside the bubble that were there for the air and the safety started to leave. And the Bubbleheads’ children decided that the sea water was nicer than the froth inside the bubbles and that they didn’t have as many rules outside the bubbles and so, when they grew up, they left.

And, as sad as this was, the saddest thing was that the Bubbleheads living in their bubbles barely realized what was going on and didn’t know what to do about it at all, because they had forgotten that what was important was that you were a friend of the King of Everything and His Son, not that you were living in a bubble, or that you followed all the right rules, or that you felt air all around you, or that you were safe.

And, one by one, as the people left and the Bubbleheads died away, all the bubbles in that country shrunk away and disappeared.

    • Stephen Hale
    • May 23rd, 2011

    Marvelous, Staples.

    I thought at a few points your fairy tale got a bit cheesy, but you almost always pulled it out. There were a number of interesting turns. What I expected after reading part 1 is not what part 2 was about, etc.

    I’m really happy about this. Not quite thrilled, but certainly happy. Well done, sir!

    And the ending, with the sea water and the froth…very clarifying. I appreciate the way your story clarifies one understanding of contemporary Christianity. Thanks.


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