Thursday Links: fernando returns

Hello again, readers. I’ve been sick for some time, but I know that things have stayed busy without me. I hope this week finds you well and healthy, something we often take for granted. The world doesn’t stop, though — even if some thought it would.

Excitingly, our own James Arnold was featured on TCM’s podcast, interviewing hip-hop artists Propaganda and Odd Thomas about their collaborative project, “Art Ambidextrous.” Take a listen.

Speaking of the world ending, though, Harold Camping and his followers were all over the news this weekend. And while it’s only right to give Camping a chance to speak for himself, most people can’t resist poking fun at the whole thing. Still — though the majority of Christians throughout history have denied the doctrine of “the Rapture” — from the perspective of many, discrediting Camping discredits religion. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air looks at the media frenzy over Camping’s predictions and wonders if they have gone too far.

What it comes to, though, is an issue of Biblical interpretation. Such interpretation is always complicated. Inevitably it either divides people into separate camps, or changes the path of theological movements.

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