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Push of Pikes is on hiatus for the summer

We’ll be back in September. (And there may be occasional posts from time to time before then.)


Polygyny, Typology and Hermeneutics

Last Wednesday, James posted a response to an essay I had posted a week earlier, which was itself an example of the kind of thinking that Stephan had written about closer to the beginning of this blog. This excites me because it represents a respectful and serious engagement of ideas, which is what this blog is all about in the first place. Continuing this grand trajectory of ideas, I’m now posting my own response to James’ response to my application of Stephan’s original series, per his intention. All this to say: we’re all friends here, are taking our disagreement seriously and are enjoying ourselves. Continue reading

Christian Objectivity: Polygyny

What happens when a Western missionary moves into a village someplace and has great success in converting the population to Christianity, but then realizes that some of the new Christian men have more than one wife? These men are often societal leaders or elders, even chiefs, but doesn’t Christianity ban having more than one wife? Should the missionary encourage divorce? But doesn’t God hate divorce? Continue reading

A Fairy Tale, Part 3

[Part 1, Part 2]

And the Bubbleheads started to forget what it was that made them Bubbleheads in the first place. They forgot that “Bubblehead” just meant that you were friends with the King of Everything and His Son. Some of them started making rules for how Bubbleheads should act, and they cared more about that than about being friends with the King of Everything and His Son. Others decided that being a Bubblehead was all about the experience of air all around you and cared more about the experience of the air than about the King of Everything and His Son. Some people decided to live in the bubbles without becoming friends with the King of Everything and His Son. They fit in because they followed the rules and they enjoyed the air. Continue reading

A Fairy Tale, Part 2

[Part 1]

As people began to understand that the Bubbleheads were there to stay, some of them began to react to them differently. While some still put a lot of energy into killing them wherever they could find them, others stopped killing them at all. They realized that trying to kill the Bubbleheads just spread them around and made them united. Some places, where the king became a Bubblehead, they made it a law that everyone had to be a Bubblehead. Continue reading

A Fairy Tale, Part 1

One of my favorite authors is George Orwell, who, among other things, wrote Animal Farm. This fairy tale is inspired by Animal Farm and is in the same genre. While some things have a one-to-one correspondence to our lives, others might not. The point of this genre is to communicate the big picture in a new, fresh way so that it is easier to look at something we’re used to looking at in one way in another way. So, without further ado:

Once upon a time, there was an air-breathing people who moved to the bottom of the sea to live.

Continue reading

Easter Meditations

[I’m taking a break from my Anarchy series for a few weeks as things heat up for me school-wise. I’ve been reading your comments, but the reason I haven’t been answering them is because I plan to address the questions they ask in later posts. Please don’t feel that I’ve been ignoring them.]

Easter kind of snuck up on me this year, which I didn’t like. Then my Anabaptist side doesn’t like the fact that I care. “Easter is a lifestyle, not a holiday, ” he tells me, and I know he’s right. Then I’m just disappointed  that I’ve been struggling to practice Easter as a lifestyle lately. It’s not so much that I’ve been going out and stabbing people to death or anything. It’s just that I haven’t been dwelling on what all my friends who practice Lent have been dwelling on for the last 40 days, when the whole reason I don’t practice Lent is that I believe I should be dwelling on the suffering, death, resurrection and work of Christ, and living out that resurrection in my daily life every day of the year. Ouch. Time to work on that again…

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