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On Christian Reconstructionism: A Retraction

It has been a long time since I have posted here, so I thought that I would get the ball rolling by posting a retraction of previous statements that I have made regarding the movement Christian Reconstructionism. Though I still think what I do about how Christians should interact with the government, it is appropriate for me to publicly “take back” what I said about something I only distantly understood. Continue reading


Humor: It’s a Serious Business

I like to consider myself a student of humor, always striving to improve my own technique. I carefully craft each joke—a dash of absurdity here, a bit of strained repetition there, brush the margins of acceptability over here, thinly and evenly distribute irony across the top, and glaze with good timing. Because my face is usually morose and somewhat funereal, I stick with deadpan delivery. The fact that people often cannot tell whether I am joking magnifies the impact of the joke: by the time they realize that I am being funny, they find themselves assaulted on every side with bone-dry wit. Continue reading

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for some links last Thursday

Hello everyone, we have some Thursday links here for you but on Sunday and not Thursday. We have a lot of links this week challenging everything you thought you think, plus some others. Continue reading

Score One for Practical Acrophobia

I was reading today about how the world’s tallest tower is ninety percent unoccupied. Continue reading

Self-Control Says Yes and No When It Wants To

It seems that alcohol is a very popular topic of conversation. Some months ago, I did a series on Christianity and alcohol (here, here, and here). Because people seem to keep finding those posts on Push of Pikes, I thought that I would revisit the subject after more mature consideration. Although the original post was nominally about “gray areas,” I really wanted to talk about alcohol and so I will jump straight to the point. Continue reading

Knife in the Machine: A New Idiom

In the cafeteria at my university, there was a soft-serve ice cream machine with the standard chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate-vanilla swirl. At some point, the swirl part was broken, so they took the lever off of that part of the machine. There was an unspoken assumption that the machine would be fixed, but the cafeteria management was taking a long time to restore the machine to its former glory. I am not sure how the thing was broken, but for a long time, we had to add chocolate and vanilla to our bowls separately and simply imagine how they would be together. One day, someone found a solution: use a knife as a replacement lever! Some enterprising individual found a way to fix the problem, and they bypassed the way that things were “supposed to be done” with a jury rigged solution. Continue reading

I Never Hated a Man I Didn’t Like: On Charity

I have written a few posts on this blog against Christian Reconstructionism, an ideology that I would not like to see gain traction or influence in American Christianity. As I have researched Reconstructionism on the internet, I have actually learned some heartwarming and likable things about some of the big thinkers involved in the movement. Continue reading

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