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Brains v. Babies (But Only in Books)

I’ve read many a classic in my time, but if you give me a choice, I’ll almost always pick up a children’s book.  Yes, of course there’s plenty of rubbish marketed at the 8-12 set (or good books wrapped in rubbish covers – I’m looking at you, copy of Mr. Popper’s Penguins with Jim Carrey’s mug on the front!) but there’s a long history of really excellent reading as well.  One of the reasons I love children’s literature is the impact it has; without us realizing it, the books we read as children shape the way we think about the world.  This is good if you read good books like A Wrinkle in Time or The Wednesday Wars, but can also be problematic. Continue reading


Steering and Direction: Jesus Take the Wheel

You’ve probably all heard that song from back in 2005. While some found it to be an encouraging reminder to trust in Jesus with everything in their lives, many people simply found the concept a bit too…well, cheesy. I tend to fall in the latter camp, in spite of my own views of Divine Sovereignty.
Continue reading

Love Wins: A Few Good Thoughts

I wanted to like this book. I watched as conservative bloggers jumped on the train to burn this book, and some of them certainly jumped the gun, condemning it far too early to be appropriate. While I land in the decidedly conservative theological camp, I am willing to call out conservatives when they are giving us a bad name. Damning a book to a place it allegedly argues may or may not exist before it comes out is a practice too full of uncertainties and overly zealous bloggers. Continue reading

Self-Control Says Yes and No When It Wants To

It seems that alcohol is a very popular topic of conversation. Some months ago, I did a series on Christianity and alcohol (here, here, and here). Because people seem to keep finding those posts on Push of Pikes, I thought that I would revisit the subject after more mature consideration. Although the original post was nominally about “gray areas,” I really wanted to talk about alcohol and so I will jump straight to the point. Continue reading

On Christian Objectivity 5: bin Laden is dead!

The way Christians responded to bin Laden’s death has been on my mind. It’s been on the minds of lots of people, actually. This theme alone probably accounts for half of my Facebook feed for the last few days. Continue reading

Firm Opinions and Strong Decisions

Today, I wanted to share something from G. K. Chesterton’s Heretics. In our pursuit of objectivity, we examine the facts and try to see what jumps out of them without our attempt to interpret them; in our pursuit of objectivity, we survey data to see what unbiased analysis proves. As we try to be open-minded, we will find our minds closing when we make conclusions. Continue reading

Acting Your Age and Taking Yourself Seriously

Today, I want to make two points:

  1. Your age and maturity affect how you believe and how you act.
  2. Beliefs, opinions, and language change over time. Continue reading
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