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Easter Meditations

[I’m taking a break from my Anarchy series for a few weeks as things heat up for me school-wise. I’ve been reading your comments, but the reason I haven’t been answering them is because I plan to address the questions they ask in later posts. Please don’t feel that I’ve been ignoring them.]

Easter kind of snuck up on me this year, which I didn’t like. Then my Anabaptist side doesn’t like the fact that I care. “Easter is a lifestyle, not a holiday, ” he tells me, and I know he’s right. Then I’m just disappointed  that I’ve been struggling to practice Easter as a lifestyle lately. It’s not so much that I’ve been going out and stabbing people to death or anything. It’s just that I haven’t been dwelling on what all my friends who practice Lent have been dwelling on for the last 40 days, when the whole reason I don’t practice Lent is that I believe I should be dwelling on the suffering, death, resurrection and work of Christ, and living out that resurrection in my daily life every day of the year. Ouch. Time to work on that again…

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Happy Holidays

“Happy Palm Sunday,” I told a friend on Facebook chat as I greeted her. It had been a long time since I’d spoken with her, so I was pleased to see her name pop up. But I was more pleased about the day.

“Happy Passover!” she responded cheerfully, surprising me slightly and making me think. It wasn’t that Passover had slipped my mind, though it’s true that I don’t pay much attention to the Jewish calendar. It was more that it made me start wondering why some people celebrate some holidays, but not others. This past month, for example, I have had to explain what Lent is to some new person at least once every two days.

Christianity is a religion with a lot of holidays. A lot. At the very least, every Sunday is Lord’s Day, and on higher church calendars one can generally count on there being something else being observed, besides. Which is why I’ve always been confused by Christians who get offended by being told “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” in December. Continue reading

The Pluck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day was this week. As I am of Irish extraction, I thought it appropriate to address the occasion. I will deal with the light and airy things first. Continue reading

Happy Holidays from Push of Pikes!

Hello everyone, we here at Push of Pikes want to wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We are taking this week off, but we will start up again on January 3. We hope that you enjoy time with your family and friends, and that you might know God’s peace in this season.

Incarnation Day (or is it Deific Invasion Day?)

Christmas is an interesting time of the year.  A season where the generally overpowering force of Capitalist commercialization of all that is Good, True and Beautiful meets its match in a force so sublime, so pure, so alien that it can’t quite overpower is bound to be interesting.  Complex. Often disheartening.  Add into the mix the traditional reunion of family, the kitschiness that is the accumulated efforts of 2000 years of laity attempting to express the ecstasy that can come from Christmas, political overtones, other holidays and cultural practices and phenomena such as SAD and you’ve got a time that can just as easily send any one person to the heights of elation, the lows of depression or the numbness and scorn of cynicism, all things being equal.  Christmastime, culturally and psychologically, is complex. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Push of Pikes! We hope that you enjoyed time with family and got to focus on the true object of gratitude. So many times people are just “grateful” without being grateful TO anyone in particular. Think of it: God gives to you, family gives to you, friends give to you–let your gratitude go TO someone!

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