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An Anarchist Apology, Part 3

Question 3: How do you reconcile your Anarchy and your Christianity?

Short Answer: I believe that my Anarchy grows out of my relationship with and knowledge of God. Continue reading


An Anarchist Apology, Part 2

Question 2: Who are some famous Anarchists you admire?

Short Answer: Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, Jacques Ellul, G.K. Chesterton (kind of) and George Orwell (kind of).

Anarchists aren’t usually that famous, but these names are known outside of purely Anarchist circles. I should include the caveat that, because I haven’t been an Anarchist for that long, I don’t know a lot about various individuals that are important in Anarchy. Assuming I continue to be an Anarchist for a good long while, I’ll have time to catch up on these people’s lives as well as study other Anarchists that I don’t know much about now. Continue reading

An Anarchist Apology, Part 1

I’m an Anarchist; I tell people about it and I don’t hide it on the internet. Lately that’s garnered more interest than usual from my friends on Facebook, so I decided to write a bit more about it than works well in that medium and then post that here, shamelessly bringing traffic to this site at the same time.
Continue reading

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