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On Christian Objectivity 5: bin Laden is dead!

The way Christians responded to bin Laden’s death has been on my mind. It’s been on the minds of lots of people, actually. This theme alone probably accounts for half of my Facebook feed for the last few days. Continue reading


I Never Hated a Man I Didn’t Like: On Charity

I have written a few posts on this blog against Christian Reconstructionism, an ideology that I would not like to see gain traction or influence in American Christianity. As I have researched Reconstructionism on the internet, I have actually learned some heartwarming and likable things about some of the big thinkers involved in the movement. Continue reading

Consequences for Crime

I was asked what I think about capital punishment a few months ago and immediately responded by dropping to a very abstract level of thought, responding that one’s view of capital punishment depends on one’s philosophy of criminal justice in the first place; what is the reason we do anything about crimes?
Continue reading

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