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A Response to “Christian Objectivity: Polygyny”

Last week, my fellow blogger Staples offered up an argument in defense of polygyny. To say it more correctly, he offered an argument against the idea that monogamy is a practice that can be defended strongly from the Bible. It is my intention to push back on some of his ideas, and maybe end up with another response from him. I guess only time will tell.

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Christian Objectivity: Polygyny

What happens when a Western missionary moves into a village someplace and has great success in converting the population to Christianity, but then realizes that some of the new Christian men have more than one wife? These men are often societal leaders or elders, even chiefs, but doesn’t Christianity ban having more than one wife? Should the missionary encourage divorce? But doesn’t God hate divorce? Continue reading

Brains v. Babies (But Only in Books)

I’ve read many a classic in my time, but if you give me a choice, I’ll almost always pick up a children’s book.  Yes, of course there’s plenty of rubbish marketed at the 8-12 set (or good books wrapped in rubbish covers – I’m looking at you, copy of Mr. Popper’s Penguins with Jim Carrey’s mug on the front!) but there’s a long history of really excellent reading as well.  One of the reasons I love children’s literature is the impact it has; without us realizing it, the books we read as children shape the way we think about the world.  This is good if you read good books like A Wrinkle in Time or The Wednesday Wars, but can also be problematic. Continue reading

The Vice of Subjectivity

I used to describe myself as a Feminist.  As one Feminist I dialogued with on Xanga years ago put it, I believe that, “women are people too,” and heartily buy the idea that men in general exploit and abuse women in general in this society.  I think that, because of the former, the latter should change, because it is wrong.

I also used to describe myself as a Masculist.  By the same token that I believe that men in general exploit and abuse women in general, I believe that society in general exploits and abuses men in general.  Obviously, I think this should stop.

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