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On Christian Reconstructionism: A Retraction

It has been a long time since I have posted here, so I thought that I would get the ball rolling by posting a retraction of previous statements that I have made regarding the movement Christian Reconstructionism. Though I still think what I do about how Christians should interact with the government, it is appropriate for me to publicly “take back” what I said about something I only distantly understood. Continue reading


Push of Pikes is on hiatus for the summer

We’ll be back in September. (And there may be occasional posts from time to time before then.)

On Christian Objectivity: Practical Suggestions

Everybody thinks whatever they have to in order to keep thinking what they already thought. Yeah, that’s right. Your perception of any charged event is strongly shaped by your desire to reinforce what you already thought. We are capable of thinking critically, but we don’t do it nearly as often as we think we do. Basically, we interpret the world the way we already decided we interpret it, which reinforces our conviction that we interpret it correctly. Continue reading

Album Review: Lady Gaga, Born This Way

Ok, ok. So if Trent Reznor produced a Cindy Lauper album…no, wait. Ok. If Trent Reznor produced a Bruce Springsteen album, except Tina Turner sang….dang. Ok, I’m pretty sure we need to involve Trent Reznor, and I’m sure we need some pop from the ’80s. The stuff that was popular in the 80s, not the stuff from the 80s that people like now (Yes, they’re different).

In short, this album is good. Gaga is very good as self-promotion, so when she began calling her new album “amazing” a year ago, I was a bit skeptical. Hopeful, but skeptical. Now it’s arrived. Born This Way doesn’t sound like her previous albums, but it’s good and it’s interesting! On the other hand, a lot of people have accused her of essentially stealing other peoples songs. A number of these melodies sound suspiciously like other songs…

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Knife in the Machine: A New Idiom

In the cafeteria at my university, there was a soft-serve ice cream machine with the standard chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate-vanilla swirl. At some point, the swirl part was broken, so they took the lever off of that part of the machine. There was an unspoken assumption that the machine would be fixed, but the cafeteria management was taking a long time to restore the machine to its former glory. I am not sure how the thing was broken, but for a long time, we had to add chocolate and vanilla to our bowls separately and simply imagine how they would be together. One day, someone found a solution: use a knife as a replacement lever! Some enterprising individual found a way to fix the problem, and they bypassed the way that things were “supposed to be done” with a jury rigged solution. Continue reading

Easy Answers and Loving My Neighbor

This week I watched a TED Talk [1]. The presenter, Dr. Brene Brown, recently finished research on the way some people are able to overcome shame and have deep relationships while others remain overwhelmed by it. According to her, the basic difference between these two groups is that the former believes themselves worthy of love, while the second isn’t convinced. It’s one of the more important lectures I’ve heard recently, especially for Christians.
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On Duties (Sort Of)

Lately I’ve been thinking about duty, so the other day I picked up Cicero’s On Duties to help my thought project.  Unfortunately, the second book – all I happen to have on my shelf – doesn’t have much to say about the kind of duty I’ve been pondering.  It does have a good many other things to say, however. Continue reading

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