Screens, Curtains, and Partitions – Part One

When you see a play, there are four layers of concealment for what happens onstage:

1. The Curtain.
2. The Flats.
3. The Backdrop.
4. Costumes and Makeup.

The curtain completely conceals everything happening onstage. Its rise starts the play, its fall ends it. Actors can do a close scene in front of a closed curtain, but the curtain’s positioning is absolute.

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Responding to Cancer

A family friend is going through chemotherapy to get at a bit of cancerous tissue that the doctor found. She had her head shaved so that she could preempt the shock of having her hair coming out in tufts. Although the cancer is not very serious, this lady is like an auxiliary mother to me and thus I am particularly concerned for her well-being. Many people survive chemotherapy. They live for many years and never have cancer again. Some people have particularly exciting forms of cancer that resist all attempts at treatment, and so they die within months of diagnosis. In either case, cancer and chemotherapy affect people subtly from the inside. Continue reading

A Celebration of 4B: Introduction

I feel compelled to celebrate 4B.

4B, for those who haven’t attended LeTourneau University, was the floor I spent four years living on while I earned my undergrad degree from LeTourneau.  At LeTourneau, in a way that I understand to be rare among colleges nowadays, life revolves around the floor you are on.  Everything from student government to intramural teams to where you usually eat your meals in the cafeteria is organized by floors. Continue reading

Divine Simplicity

In the About the Bloggers section of this blog, I say that “God is supremely simple.” When I put this into my section, Nathan suggested that I take a post and explain what I meant by this, as not everyone will know quite what it means. So, let’s dig in. Continue reading

The Vice of Subjectivity

I used to describe myself as a Feminist.  As one Feminist I dialogued with on Xanga years ago put it, I believe that, “women are people too,” and heartily buy the idea that men in general exploit and abuse women in general in this society.  I think that, because of the former, the latter should change, because it is wrong.

I also used to describe myself as a Masculist.  By the same token that I believe that men in general exploit and abuse women in general, I believe that society in general exploits and abuses men in general.  Obviously, I think this should stop.

I don’t describe myself as either anymore. Continue reading

On Religious Debate

I was reading in Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion that the first thing that people have to accept when they read the Bible is its authority. Later, things like literary analysis and historical proof aid those who believe. Thus says the Calvin:

“Unless this certainty, higher and stronger than any human judgment, be present, it will be vain to fortify the authority of Scripture by arguments, to establish it by common agreement of the church, or to confirm it with other helps. For unless this foundation is laid, its authority will always remain in doubt. Conversely, once we have embraced it devoutly as its dignity deserves, and have recognized it to be above the common sort of things, those arguments–not strong enough before to engraft and fix the certainty of Scripture in our minds–become very useful aids.” (Calvin, Institutes, 1.8.1) Continue reading

The Action of Peter

When Jesus walks on the water, we know that the water is turbulent.
The boat is in danger, and the waves are crashing around the boat.  Jesus asks Peter to step out onto the waves.   Continue reading
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