Steering and Direction: Jesus Take the Wheel

You’ve probably all heard that song from back in 2005. While some found it to be an encouraging reminder to trust in Jesus with everything in their lives, many people simply found the concept a bit too…well, cheesy. I tend to fall in the latter camp, in spite of my own views of Divine Sovereignty.
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Thursday Links: fernando returns

Hello again, readers. I’ve been sick for some time, but I know that things have stayed busy without me. I hope this week finds you well and healthy, something we often take for granted. The world doesn’t stop, though — even if some thought it would.

Excitingly, our own James Arnold was featured on TCM’s podcast, interviewing hip-hop artists Propaganda and Odd Thomas about their collaborative project, “Art Ambidextrous.” Take a listen.

Speaking of the world ending, though, Harold Camping and his followers were all over the news this weekend. And while it’s only right to give Camping a chance to speak for himself, most people can’t resist poking fun at the whole thing. Still — though the majority of Christians throughout history have denied the doctrine of “the Rapture” — from the perspective of many, discrediting Camping discredits religion. Ed Morrissey of Hot Air looks at the media frenzy over Camping’s predictions and wonders if they have gone too far.

What it comes to, though, is an issue of Biblical interpretation. Such interpretation is always complicated. Inevitably it either divides people into separate camps, or changes the path of theological movements.

Album Review: Lady Gaga, Born This Way

Ok, ok. So if Trent Reznor produced a Cindy Lauper album…no, wait. Ok. If Trent Reznor produced a Bruce Springsteen album, except Tina Turner sang….dang. Ok, I’m pretty sure we need to involve Trent Reznor, and I’m sure we need some pop from the ’80s. The stuff that was popular in the 80s, not the stuff from the 80s that people like now (Yes, they’re different).

In short, this album is good. Gaga is very good as self-promotion, so when she began calling her new album “amazing” a year ago, I was a bit skeptical. Hopeful, but skeptical. Now it’s arrived. Born This Way doesn’t sound like her previous albums, but it’s good and it’s interesting! On the other hand, a lot of people have accused her of essentially stealing other peoples songs. A number of these melodies sound suspiciously like other songs…

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A Fairy Tale, Part 3

[Part 1, Part 2]

And the Bubbleheads started to forget what it was that made them Bubbleheads in the first place. They forgot that “Bubblehead” just meant that you were friends with the King of Everything and His Son. Some of them started making rules for how Bubbleheads should act, and they cared more about that than about being friends with the King of Everything and His Son. Others decided that being a Bubblehead was all about the experience of air all around you and cared more about the experience of the air than about the King of Everything and His Son. Some people decided to live in the bubbles without becoming friends with the King of Everything and His Son. They fit in because they followed the rules and they enjoyed the air. Continue reading

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for some links last Thursday

Hello everyone, we have some Thursday links here for you but on Sunday and not Thursday. We have a lot of links this week challenging everything you thought you think, plus some others. Continue reading

A Fairy Tale, Part 2

[Part 1]

As people began to understand that the Bubbleheads were there to stay, some of them began to react to them differently. While some still put a lot of energy into killing them wherever they could find them, others stopped killing them at all. They realized that trying to kill the Bubbleheads just spread them around and made them united. Some places, where the king became a Bubblehead, they made it a law that everyone had to be a Bubblehead. Continue reading

A Fairy Tale, Part 1

One of my favorite authors is George Orwell, who, among other things, wrote Animal Farm. This fairy tale is inspired by Animal Farm and is in the same genre. While some things have a one-to-one correspondence to our lives, others might not. The point of this genre is to communicate the big picture in a new, fresh way so that it is easier to look at something we’re used to looking at in one way in another way. So, without further ado:

Once upon a time, there was an air-breathing people who moved to the bottom of the sea to live.

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